Best Local Hair Salon

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When you come to a hair salon requesting the best brow & makeup services, do you want that hair salon to be a qualified and extremely experienced business that does a clean and high-quality job for you, or do you want an inexperienced hair salon that doesn't take your needs into consideration, and that offers only the very worst of customer experiences? If you answered the latter, we can't help you there — but if you answered the former, you are in great luck! Chroma Salon & Spa is the best hair salon that offers its services to the city of Palm Beach Gardens. Our creative, talented, and experienced makeup artists would be happy to help you with all of your brow & makeup services. We also offer quality specialty services such as eyebrow tinting as you request them.

Chroma Salon & Spa is proud to be an upscale hair salon that serves the Palm Beach Gardens area. Our staff is extremely friendly, upbeat, and skilled at their crafts, and would love to apply their knowledge to help your natural beauty shine, and to look your best for any occasion. Whether you need the best brow & makeup services in order to help you to look flawless during a big event, or if you want lessons or a tutorial on how to apply makeup yourself, Chroma Salon & Spa can serve you! Our hair salon employs some of the very best, expert makeup artists in the Palm Beach Gardens area, and they will be able to give you the greatest service with your makeup lessons. Take a lesson in our brow & makeup services with a group of your friends for a fun night out! Whatever you might need, our hair salon is sure to offer it. Come in today to check us out!