About Us

Pamper yourself a little today, by coming to your new favorite local hair salon. We can put in your new hair extensions with ease and expertise, for highly affordable prices for our excellent services. Your hair extensions are guaranteed to be of high quality, made from the finest of real human hair. Get that long natural looking fashionable hair style that you've always wanted, by having Chroma Salon & Spa put in your hair extensions for you in a way that is flawless!

The stylists that are at this local hair salon are each highly talented, patient, and knowledgeable, and will utilize their extensive skills to provide the absolute best service for you and your gorgeous hair. You will without a doubt be pleased with our services, from our coloring services to our hair extensions installations, to the luxurious premium products that we have on hand for you to purchase. Our expert stylists are at your service — so stop by our local hair salon today, and let us treat you like the royalty that you are!